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            /Athlete (pronounced “slash athlete" and identified as “/a”) provides speed, agility, strength, and power training and instruction in techniques designed to improve general athletic effectiveness and/or speed/strength/power improvement for specific sports, in a relaxed, competitive environment both in person in the Slash Athlete gym located in Studio City, CA (identified as "The Lab") and/or in public parks and/or private homes.

            The undersigned acknowledges that he/she is aware of the inherent risks associated with “/a” and hereby assumes the risk of his/her child’s participation in "/a" activities. Further the undersigned is aware of the nature and risks relating to the extremely contagious disease known as COVID-19 and understands that "/a" cannot guarantee that the undersigned or their child(ren) will not become infected with the disease. The undersigned hereby waives, releases and discharges Tom Hoffman (“TH”), his agents, employees, representatives, sponsors, officials and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, damages, costs, expense, demands, property damage, theft, or action of any kind, including legal fees, incurred by the undersigned relating to my child’s participation in “/a” whether or not that damage or loss is related to the physical activities that are the "/a" training or from the unintentional exposure to the COVID-19 virus. This waiver, release and discharge applies to any physical or mental injury, death or property damage that may result from the negligence or fault of a person, faulty equipment or actions of any kind that may hereafter occur including my travel to or from “/a”.

            The undersigned certifies that my child is physically fit and has no pre-existing condition that would inhibit the participation in “/a” and has not been advised by any trainer or medical professional not to participate in this event.

            The undersigned hereby consents and agrees that TH, his representatives or volunteers may take photographs or digital recordings of my child’s participation during “/a” and may exhibit such photographs or recordings in print any and all media, including, but not limited to the internet, by any process now known or hereinafter discovered to devices, including but not limited to Zoom, for purposes of publicity or promotion.

            The undersigned also acknowledges that cancellation of any session without 24 hours notice is subject to a full charge for the scheduled session.

            I have read the foregoing and understand that important legal rights are being waived. By signing this agreement the undersigned acknowledges the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assumes the risk that the child(ren) and undersigned may be infected and accepts sole responsibility for any injury, sickness or physical or mental disabilities resulting from such exposure.

I have read the above Release and understand that important rights are being waived and by checking this box, and typing in my name and date, I hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Release.
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