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Arm Swing

Leg Drive

/athlete has developed the P.A.L. Technique, to focus our training on the three basic building blocks for unleashing speed and creating more durable athletes: 

POSTURE: An engaged core elongates the body, preventing wasted movement which burns energy with muscle compensation, and makes athletes susceptible to injury. Great posture and body awareness also absorbs changes of direction to protect young athletes.

ARM SWING: We work to eliminate inefficient (side-to-side) and elongated arm swings common in young athletes. Improper arm movement wastes energy and disrupts momentum. We work diligently on the proper front and back swing, that features the appropriate arm bend and tension.

LEG DRIVE: We teach the powerful technique of pistoning through acceleration (gait cycle), while building leg strength. Very importantly, we focus on fixing common muscle imbalances and instability, which if left uncorrected can cause major knee, hip, ankle and soft tissue issues that can affect athletes for the rest of their careers.

 Whether your athlete is trying to go from home to first, get out on a fast break, or simply needs to develop proper mechanics and coordination, /athlete's P.A.L. Technique creates optimal speed while PROTECTING them from the injuries that come from improper technique and muscle deficiencies.

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